Safety concept: Snel performs safely

As regards safe working, many people think in terms of safe tools and the wearing of safety shoes and a helmet, and that is indeed important. But even more important is what goes on under the helmet. Because real safety lies between the ears: safe working is a way of thinking and acting.

Only do it quickly if it can be done safely

Working in construction involves risks. That is the reality. Dealing consciously with the risks on a construction site demands a structural approach. We ensure safety and working conditions with reference to all activities on the projects and in the workplaces. And naturally, we also ensure adequate compliance with all regulations and safety, working and environmental conditions as listed in the HSE plan for each project. From that, it becomes apparent what the dangers are and what measures are necessary to exclude risks.

It all seems obvious, but does indeed require a well-thought-out plan. We want to set up the workplace in such a way that the work stays safe from start to finish. That demands knowledge, insight and, quite simply, a very great deal of experience. As said, safety lies between the ears, also as regards project management.

Working according to VCA standards

It goes without saying that all our operational business units are VCA-certified. In addition, we are also an FPAL-supplier and ISO-certified. We enforce a strict policy as regards the signalling and reporting of unsafe situations, risky actions and (near-) accidents. Since we are placing more and more emphasis on this, the number of reports is rising while safety is increasing. We are getting better and better insight into the risks. An excellent development.

Comm’ant safety management

All incidents in the sphere of lack of safety are registered in the safety management system Comm’ant, so that all responsible persons are automatically aware of them immediately. The employees see that something happens in response to their reports, and are starting to act accordingly too. Thus, Jan Snel is performing steadily more safely.

Concrete actions

In order to stimulate safety further, we are taking various concrete measures. Thus, we organise so-called toolbox meetings with the personnel, in which we highlight a safety aspect from everyday practise. In addition, we have a KAM (health and safety) co-ordinator in service who co-ordinates risk management in relation to the projects and also carries out checks in the field. And naturally, the management and direct superiors attend to their responsibilities in this sphere, with periodic workplace inspections and observation tours. On the basis of a checklist, inspections are carried out on safety, health and environmental aspects. In the course of this, we do not look only at technical safety, but also at human (safety) behaviour, such as compliance with instructions and the use of personal protective equipment. Moreover, the employees themselves carry out a Last Minute Risk Analysis check before the start of activities on a project.

Safety awareness teams

We ensure safe working conditions by eliminating risks, by adapting our working methods, by drawing up clear working and safety instructions and providing the correct personal protective equipment and approved and well-maintained tools. Subsequently, we monitor that everyone is dealing with these matters in the correct manner. That demands a risk-aware mentality and a safe atmosphere in which criticism is allowed. Everyone must be able to point out risky behaviour to each other. On the construction site and in offices. So, the employee who refuses admission to a client or sub-contractor who is not wearing the prescribed personal protective equipment is not criticised, but complimented.

We keep each other safe

At Jan Snel, we put a lot of energy into instructing, informing and motivating our employees in the sphere of safe working. We keep hammering away at this in practice, and do not accept any short-cuts. Snel performs safely. Full stop. Because safety is a joint responsibility.


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