Sports & Events


Large international (sport) events require a variety of buildings. Offices for the officials, changing rooms, reception rooms, canteens and restaurants and of course sanitary facilities. Jan Snel is preferred supplier of temporary buildings at some of the largest events in the Netherlands.

Sports & Events

Sports-related housing with a permanent look

As a specialist in temporary accommodation, Jan Snel offers every type of building you can think of. So, not only standard living units and temporary offices, but also event buildings, hotel rooms, complete hospitals, robust offshore construction trailers and schools.

In addition, we are increasingly asked to offer unique solutions for certain special occasions such as large events. With our extensive experience, we can meet any demand. For special projects, the difference between temporary and (semi) permanent becomes less visible. You would often never guess that a building is built as a temporary solution; the design is simply too special and unique. The buildings do not come across as 'standard' emergency buildings. And that is precisely what the clients want.

The pressure of major events

Year after year, Jan Snel's professional teams prove that they can withstand the pressure of a large event. We often only have a few days to set up many hundreds of square metres of housing, including all utilities and cabling for computers and telephones. Complete restaurants with professional kitchens, reception rooms, (press) conference rooms and changing rooms with shower rooms and sanitary facilities for the best golfers, tennis players, volleyball players and jockeys around the world: it all has to be top of the bill.

Great guidance by our own technical service

As 'landlord' of the temporary buildings, we are of course very alert for continuous service. Our job is not done after placement. During the event, which usually takes one or several weeks, we remain available for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting 24 hours a day. In close cooperation with the organising committee, we ensure that the temporary housing remains in top shape throughout the event.

From cabin to pavilion

Flexibility is a major factor at events, while the appearance is also important. We regularly place a number of presentable temporary offices with reception for the larger events, but also several complete sports complexes or a newly built sports hall. The sky is the limit. Whatever you need, we can build it. We look forward to drawing up a tailor-made design to fit your purpose together with you or our own architect.

The advantages of Jan Snel

Our construction method offers unprecedented advantages for our clients. Whether you want to build a sports hall, hospitality space, clubhouse or changing room: everything is possible. Projects are completed 30-50% earlier so you can achieve more efficiency for your project. The housing can be placed permanently, but also temporarily after which the housing can get back onto the market again. This offers you great flexibility. We also offer a No Hassle Warranty on all our construction projects.

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Educational housing in numbers


We have delivered temporary buildings and accommodation for more than 11 sporting events.


During events, our team is available to support clients 24 hours a day, if necessary.


We supplied 600 m² of temporary buildings at the HP Beach Open and NK Beach Volleyball.


We even delivered units across the Atlantic Ocean once, during the Alpine World Cup Ski Event in Whistler, Canada.

Housing of all sizes

Jan Snel stands for flexible construction, high implementation speed, peace of mind, added value, modular and circular construction. The client's ambition is our ambition and that is what we aim for every day. Want to know more about us?

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Ja, ik neem deel aan de 18-holes wedstrijd en het dinerJa, ik neem deel aan de clinic en het dinerJa, ik neem deel aan de golfdag, maar ik neem niet deel aan het dinerNee, ik ben helaas verhinderd

Sports & Events

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