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Since, at Jan Snel, we give a Hassle-Free Guarantee on all construction projects in addition to looking after all aspects of the projects, if our customers so wish, we do more than just put up buildings. In fact, no question is too much for us, which is why we are bound to have omitted something from the list of services below. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, just give us a call. We will always find a way of meeting your requirements.

Furniture hire

One of the major advantages of flexible construction is the speed with which temporary accommodation can be realised. To provide full support to our customers, Jan Snel often takes care of the interior design of the project too. A temporary building will then be handed over fully furnished and ready for use. Of the 50 to 60 units that leave our factory every week, about 80% are furnished. For example, we supply changing rooms furnished with benches and lockers as well as fully equipped canteens and offices. The furniture rental period may range from several weeks to a year or longer.

Interior design

Going beyond furnishing hire, we offer the option of interior design. At Jan Snel, we work with various stylists and interior architects who are able to create exactly the interior needed; from short walking distances and an economical layout right up to high-end interior design. We can organise everything for you so that you are able to get started as soon as the building is handed over.

All-in maintenance

It goes without saying that Jan Snel can provide all-in maintenance on all the buildings we construct. Our preventive maintenance programme means we can keep projects in perfect condition, so they last longer and their life cycle is extended which has a positive effect on the operating costs. We regularly check all technical systems and the structures themselves. As we take a proactive approach to maintenance work, you can rest assured that your building will always be in optimum shape.

Plug and play

These days, a building without internet is not turnkey. Whether we are talking about living accommodation or a workplace, residents and workers want to be online as soon as they move into their new building. Jan Snel makes sure that all buildings are connected to the outside world as soon as the project is ready for use. We make use of the latest and most secure technologies so that you can carry on as soon as you move in.

Relocation service

If you need to relocate large groups at a time and house them in temporary accommodation until it’s time to move them back, then Jan Snel can arrange it. We make sure that residents or workers are provided with a temporary home or workplace in the neighbourhood. This is all arranged using our temporary building solutions.Once the temporary accommodation has been built we ensure that life can carry on as normal. As soon as the new location has been completed, we move everyone back again. You don’t have to worry about a thing.


The flexibility of our solutions also cries out for a different way of cooperation. Obviously, we are commissioned to build projects, but we are also prepared to discuss renting or leasing our products. Our experience in the marketplace is that flexibility in respect of the form of financing can also yield many benefits going forward. Some customers find themselves in a position where they need projects now, knowing that they will have to make other choices in 15 years’ time. As our construction method is highly flexible, we see no reason why the financing form should be any less so.

Hassle-Free Guarantee

Building with Jan Snel is building without worry. Our Hassle-Free Guarantee is standard. Among other things, it means that we keep on being asked to supply buildings in new sectors. Because as a customer you don’t want to have to worry about anything or deal with any hassle. A deal is a deal and additional costs are out of the question. You can enjoy construction again if you work with Jan Snel.


At Jan Snel, we love short lines of communication. We do what we have promised and promise what we will do. We consider this to be so normal that we hardly even see it as an extra service. That’s just the way we are. Our organisation is very horizontal allowing us to respond to situations extremely quickly. What’s more, we use our down-to-earth Dutch common sense which means we can conduct projects more quickly and smarter than anyone else. You can entrust us with anything that may crop up as part of a construction project. We rarely say no. This is something that many of our customers greatly appreciate because there is only one point of contact.


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