Safety: A Shared

Jan Snel

At Jan Snel, safety has always priority

Jan Snel stands for Safe Together. That involves keeping an eye on your own safety, but also the safety of others. Because safety is a joint responsibility.

We only construct fast if we can do it safely

Working in the construction sector involves risks. That is the reality. To handle the risks on a construction site requires a structural approach. We ensure the safety and working conditions around all our work on the projects and work locations And of course, we ensure adequate compliance with all regulations and requirements for health, safety, and environmental standards as identified in the HSE plan of every project. That shows what the hazards are and what measures are needed to exclude all risks.

It may seem obvious, but surely requires careful planning. We want to set up a construction site in such a way that the work is safe from the start to the end. That requires know-how, insight and simply a lot of experience. As has been said, safety is our mindset, also for the project management.

Working according to the SCC standards

It is only natural that all our executive business components are SCC certified. Besides this, we are also certified as FPAL-supplier and ISO-certified. We use a strict policy about signalling and reporting of unsafe situations, high-risk operations, near misses and accidents. Because we increasingly focus on this subject, the number of reports increases while safety increases. We have an ever-increasing insight into the risks. A great development.

Comm'ant Safety Process Management

All incidents in the field of unsafety are recorded in the Business Process Management Software Comm'ant so all people responsible are informed immediately. The employees see that action is taken on their reports and will act accordingly.

Safe Together

This is how Jan Snel operates increasingly safely.


Everyone from project manager to foreman to workers is aware of the risks.


All parties involved – client, contractor and subcontractors – work safely.


Everyone is critical and points out unsafe situations or risky behaviour and takes action immediately.


Unsafe situations are reported and resolved immediately.

Concrete Actions within Jan Snel

To further simulate safety, we take a variety of concrete measures. In this way, we organise so-called tool-box meetings with our staff, where we highlight a safety aspect from the daily practice. We also employ a QHSE coordinator who coordinates the risk management of the projects and performs checks in the field. And of course, the management and the people in charge take their responsibility with periodic workplace inspections and observation rounds. Inspection is carried out on the basis of a checklist for safety, health and environmental aspects. Not only the technical safety is considered, but the human (safety) behaviour such as compliance with regulations and the use of personal protective equipment. And the employees carry out LMRA checks before the start of the work on a project.

Safety-conscience Teams

We ensure safe working conditions by removing risks, adapting our working methods, setting up clear working and safety instructions, and making the appropriate personal protective equipment and approved and well-maintained tools available. And subsequently, we monitor that everyone deals with these matters in the right way. That requires a risk-conscious mindset and an atmosphere in which criticism is allowed. Everyone needs to be able to hold each other accountable for risky behaviour on the construction site and in the office. Employers who refuse access to a client or subcontractor without the prescribed PPE are not criticised but complimented.

We Keep Each Other Safe

At Jan Snel, we spend a lot of energy to instruct, inform and motivate our employees with regard to safe working conditions. We continue to insist on this in practice and do not accept any short cuts. Jan Snel performs safely, period. Because safety is a joint responsibility.

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Safe Together

Edwin van Duivendijk - Manager Safety and Quality

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