Ten Post temporary housing


Ten Post temporary housing

Background information

In just four months, Jan Snel delivered 30 houses in Ten Post, Groningen, for people vacating their homes due to earthquake damage. The project consisted of 6 single-storey family residences and 24 multiple-storey roofed houses.

Safe houses

The houses are part of a housing programme developed by Jan Snel and commissioned by the National Coordinating Body for Groningen (Nationaal Coördinator Groningen, NCG). They are intended to provide temporary housing for residents from this earthquake-prone area whose homes are being made earthquake-proof or demolished and rebuilt. Jan Snel was able to build 30 temporary residences in only four weeks. The houses are fully furnished and delivered with floor coverings and curtains, a built-in kitchen and a bathroom.


The construction elements were produced at the nearby Jan Snel production site in Eemshaven and subsequently assembled on site. These residences are in no way inferior to permanent construction in terms of quality. Not only are these houses beautifully finished, but their façades are also highly innovative. The houses are taken for 7½ years but are constructed in accordance with the regulations that apply to permanent residences. This is unique in the Netherlands.


The houses are easy to dismantle and therefore reusable. They are equipped with modern and sustainable technology, such as infrared panels and a solar-powered boiler.

  • Housing solution

    Ground-level residences

  • Size

    30 residences

  • Construction time

    4 months

  • Client

    National Coordinating Body for Groningen

  • User

    Rental homes

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