Ravel Residence


Ravel Residence

RAVAM CV commissioned 800 student flats - named Ravel Residence - which we constructed in partnership with Student Experience. The first pile was driven in on Wednesday 9 April 2014 and the project was completed on 27 February 2015, which means we finished the entire project in just 324 calendar days: an exceptional achievement.

As well as 800 student flats, the building also houses a restaurant, learning area, dining room, library and laundrette. The five-storey student complex, which covers a total of 28,000 m², will remain in place for at least 12 years. We designed the studentunits, equipped with all amenities, specifically for this project. In addition to the standard facilities, the students can also enjoy a basketball court, urban farming and indoor bicycle parking.

  • Housing solution


  • Surface area

    28.000 m2

  • Construction time

    11 maanden

  • Client

    RACAM C.V.


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