Academisch Ziekenhuis Jan Palfijn


Academisch Ziekenhuis Jan Palfijn

The AZ Jan Palfijn [Academic Hospital Jan Palfijn] in Ghent is in need of a temporary expansion of its existing accommodation. Jan Snel joins forces with construction company Denys and wins the tender. A wonderful challenge: In just 20 weeks, no less than 3,800 m2 will be realised, which will meet the highest demands of the hospital!

The first and second floors of the semi-permanent hospital will be used for nursing wards, consultation rooms for doctors and nurses' stations. The upper floor will be set up as a PAAZ-ward (closed institution for psychiatric patients), which will include, among other things, isolation rooms. In total, the building provides a capacity expansion of 91 beds.

  • Huisvestingoplossing


  • Oppervlakte

    3.800 m2

  • Bouwtijd

    20 weeks

  • Opdrachtgever

    AZ Jan Palfijn

As with any project, the construction of the semi-permanent hospital also has its own particular structural features. For example, underneath the building there is a tunnel with a diameter of four metres! This resulted in an extra heavy-duty foundation by using concrete beams of 0.8 x 0.8 metres. In addition, the building is equipped with two bed lifts, built into a concrete elevator shaft, and there are two connections to the existing hospital. In order to be able to connect the installations of the new building flawlessly to those of the existing hospital, various technical adaptations were required, which were entirely taken care of by Jan Snel.

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