Offshore units

Jan Snel has entered into a partnership with HMM BV, a developer of lightweight offshore units. For Jan Snel, this was an important step that was aligned with the company’s strategy and goals. We did not jump in at the deep end, but took a self-assured dive into a very promising new market. Lightweight units are ideal for weight-reduction purposes in the offshore and nearshore industries.

Ideal for Wind Farms

HMM’s flexible offshore units weigh approximately half that of regular units. What makes them so unique is that they comply fully with very stringent requirements imposed by the DNV and Lloyds in terms of construction and fire safety. This makes these offshore units ideal for use in the oil & gas industry, but also in the wind power sector. Development, maintenance and logistics within the wind power sector show many similarities to activities on and around oil and gas rigs. Accommodation is also required for personnel maintaining and constructing the wind farm. Wind farm accommodation also has to comply with stringent safety requirements. Thanks to these lightweight units, more capacity is then available for heavier materials and equipment.

For more information visit the H2M website.


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