This is Jan Snel: Flexible Construction

We build accommodation, flexibly and rapidly. Taking into account personal requirements and appropriate appearance from functional to luxurious. In doing so, we relieve our clients all over the world of their worries.

Our Mission

To provide flexible accommodation solutions quickly and efficiently taking into account personal requirements and suitable appearance from functional to luxury. In doing so, we relieve our clients of their worries worldwide!

Our Vision

To become the leading provider of flexible accommodation solutions. Our tightly knit team of professionals always provides a total solution to our clients’ accommodation problems. Your goals are our goals. In doing so, we’re carving out a niche for ourselves in the market and moving towards becoming the market leader.

Our Strategy

We’re able to provide flexible housing solutions that fit seamlessly with our clients’ image and identity and their users’ requirements based on many years of experience in this field. Clear client communications are essential in order to arrive at the best solutions combined with craftsmanship, our extensive network and the quality of our modular building systems and units. Flexible construction involves a fluid process of creating space, adapting and dismantling.

Our Core Values

Partnership: believe in the power of partnerships both inside and outside our organization. We involve external specialists on projects wherever needed. Everyone contributes towards creating an optimal solution from his or her own personal perspective and specialist area.

Relief: we relieve our clients of their worries by providing solutions that meet their needs perfectly – on time and within budget.

Commitment: we’re fully committed to our clients and their accommodation-related issues. We take full responsibility for finding a solution to a problem and seek only the best possible solutions.

Quality: we know what works in practice having operated in this sector for many years. We provide only high-quality solutions and monitor quality levels meticulously. To safeguard quality levels, we operate and have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and SCC** (VCA**) quality/safety management systems.

Innovation: we’re an enterprising organization – innovation is just one means by which we aim to stay ahead of the competition. We’re open to new market developments, technologies and challenging projects.

Sustainability: Flexible construction involves a fluid process of creating space, adapting and dismantling. Durability and sustainability are essential parts of what we do.

Flexible Accommodation – Fast and Efficient

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