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Jan Snel Flexible Construction is a leading international family company with over half a century of experience in flexible accommodation and specialised haulage. The company was founded in 1960 and has since grown to become a medium-sized company with over 285 employees and annual sales in excess of €125 million. Jan Snel has offices in Montfoort, Hulst, Eemshaven, Bornhem in Belgium and Hürth-Knapsack in Germany.

Our experience has become engrained in the way we think and act, but especially in our approach, quality and speed of construction. Only when you’ve been practicing your art for 20,075 days as we have, do you have the expertise, the staff and the flexibility to come up with such astonishing solutions in such astoundingly short spaces of time. Set us a challenge; you will be amazed.

“Over half a century’s experience has become engrained in the way we think and act.”

Jan Snel Flexible Construction was founded in April 1960 for the purpose of transporting milk churns. By taking over Sjaak Moens of Sas van Gent and Stekene (April 2003), Verlaat Bouwsystemen of Alblasserdam (August 2004), Van Rijswijk Transport of Leidschendam (January 2007), Fort Unitbouw of Raamsdonksveer and Puurs (October 2008) we have grown into a medium-sized construction company.

Flexible construction involves a fluid process of creating space, adapting and dismantling. Durability and sustainability are essential parts of what we do. We have completed projects in times or under conditions that others consider impossible. If you are faced with a similar challenge or would like us to assemble a great-looking building, call us on 0031 (0)348 47 90 90 ! or send an email!



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