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We not only construct; we do more, much more. We believe in total solutions. From construction to complete transport. From sanitary facilities to lighting. From flooring to interiors. From cable management to climate control and from project management to in-housing. Whatever your requirements, we deliver; quality and fast. The possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, we can build it. We never stand still, we always look ahead. How can we continue to serve you in the future?

 Jan snel

We give our clients complete peace of mind.

No Hassle Warranty

Building with Jan Snel is building without worry. Our No Hassle Warranty is always included, and ensures, among others, that we are always invited to new sectors. Because as a client, you have nothing to worry about and complete peace of mind. A deal is a deal and additional costs are not in our vocabulary. Construction becomes fun again once you start working with Jan Snel.

One-stop Shop

At Jan Snel, we love short lines of communication. We do what we promise, and we promise what we do. This is so normal to us that we don't even see it as an 'extra service'. This is how we are. Our organisational structure is very flat, so we can switch very quickly. With our down-to-earth Dutch common sense, we can carry out projects faster and smarter than others. You can leave all tasks with us that are involved in a construction project. We rarely say 'no'. Many clients appreciate this because they only have one point of contact.

Jan Snel in numbers


We employ 350 people at Jan Snel


Jan Snel had a turnover of €140 million in 2018


Jan Snel offers 10 different types of housing


Jan Snel created 225,800 m² of housing in 2018.

Furniture Hire

One of the major advantages of flexible construction is the speed with which we can realise temporary housing. To give clients complete peace of mind, Jan Snel also provides the furnishing of the project. A temporary building is then delivered as a finished product, ready for use. From the 50 to 60 units that are dispatched from Jan Snel every week, more than 80% is furnished. Jan Snel offers changing rooms, equipped with benches and lockers, but also completely equipped canteens and offices. The furniture hire varies from a number of weeks to one year or longer.

Interior Design

The option of interior design goes one step further than furniture rental. At Jan Snel, we work together with several stylists and interior designers who can create exactly the right setting for the interior, from short walking distances and an economical layout to high-end interior design. We will take everything out of your hands, so you can get back to work as soon as the building is completed.


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Total Maintenance

It goes without saying that Jan Snel offers total maintenance for the housing they build. We preventatively make sure that projects remain in perfect condition. So they will last longer and the life cycle is extended, which has a positive impact on operating costs. We check all technical installations and housing regularly. You can expect your building to always be in due form because we proactively respond to maintenance work.

Plug and Play

A building without the internet is currently not acceptable anymore. Whether it is about living or working, residents or workers want to be connected to the internet as soon as they start using a new building. Jan Snel ensures that buildings are connected with the outside world as soon as the project is ready for use. We use the latest and most secure technologies so you can start working as soon as you arrive.

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The flexibility of our solutions also requires different ways of cooperation. We construct projects by order, but the hire or lease of our products is also negotiable. Our experience in the market is that flexibility in the form of financing offers many advantages going forward. Some clients are forced to realise projects now, while they already know that they will have to make different choices in 15 years. Because our construction method is very flexible, the financing form aims is equally flexible.

Moving Service

Moving and housing large groups into a temporary accommodation and then back again? Jan Snel can handle it. We ensure that residents or workers get a temporary home or workplace in the local area in a very short time. We can organise this through our temporary building solutions. We make sure that life can continue as normal in the temporary accommodation. Everyone will be moved back again as soon as the new location is ready. You have nothing to worry about.

Our Services

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