Jan Snel realises 540 residences in Amsterdam-Noord

13 Aug 2019 | News articles

At the former Elzenhagen sports park in Amsterdam-Noord, Startblok Elzenhagen was delivered completely ready for living at the beginning of April. Together with the municipality of Amsterdam and housing corporations De Key and Eigen Haard, Jan Snel developed and built no fewer than 540 residences.

The target group of these modular homes consists of a mix of working young people and refugees with a residence permit. Sustainability is an important spearhead of Startblok Elzenhagen; that way the project meets the BENG requirements. The 540 homes are divided over 6 buildings.

The semi-permanent residences were built-up on different levels. The accommodations are 20 to 25 m2 and per corridor, there is a common area available for the residents. All units are independent accommodations and are equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom and toilet. The six different residential buildings, consisting of a total of 18,500 m2, were delivered in different phases between December 2018 and April 2019.

Working on the future in a sustainable environment
The 540 residential units in Startblok Elzenhagen offer space for 270 young refugees with residence permits and 270 young workers, students and recent graduates. In Startblok Elzenhagen they can together build a community with the aim of helping refugees with residence permits to find their way in Amsterdam’s society.

The stacked prefab units will remain in use for ten years and can then be reused. “This fits Jan Snel’s sustainable ambition for the coming years,” says Barry van Wijk, project manager at Jan Snel. “What is special about this project is that the residences have been built completely in a sustainable manner. They are equipped with an EPC of 0.15 and meet the BENG requirements. The requirements for a permanent construction are an EPC of 0.4. So, we score a lot better than the requirement. As a result, energy consumption is very low.”

The heat comes from the ground, pumps work on solar panels and no gas has been connected. “Startblok Elzenhagen is a good example of what Jan Snel can achieve in the field of sustainable living for housing corporations. We are therefore very proud of the fact that we achieved this together with the City of Amsterdam, De Key and Eigen Haard in a relatively short period of time and that way also made a social contribution to Amsterdam,” says van Wijk.