Jan Snel is developing 30 temporary homes in Ten Post, Groningen

13 Aug 2019 | News articles

In the space of four months, Jan Snel has developed 30 homes in Ten Post, Groningen, for people who had to leave their homes due to earthquake damage. The project consists of 6 single-family homes and 24 terraced houses.

The houses were developed within the housing program of Jan Snel and commissioned by Centrum Veilig Wonen. They are intended to accommodate people in this earthquake-prone area, whose own homes are being made quake-resistant or are being demolished and newly built. In only 4 months time, Jan Snel has built 30 temporary residences. The residences are completed with an equipped kitchen, furniture and bathroom.

The production of the building components took place at the Jan Snel production location nearby in Eemshaven. The parts were then assembled on site. The houses are of as high a quality as permanent construction. The finish is of extremely high-quality and the facade image is very innovative. The houses are in principle purchased for 7.5 years but have been constructed in accordance with permanent regulations. That is unique in the Netherlands.

The houses are easy to disassemble and therefore reusable. They are equipped with modern sustainable installations, such as infrared panels and a solar water heater.