Camelot Europe and Jan Snel win the Utrecht Science Park tender

13 Aug 2019 | News articles

Camelot and Jan Snel have been given the green light for the realisation of 400 temporary homes at the Utrecht Science Park, which will remain standing for 15 years. From the candidates, Utrecht University chose their plan to fill lot 22 at the Utrecht Science Park. The houses will be realised by early 2020.

Opting for speed and quality
Utrecht University issued the tender because of the housing shortage among (international) students in Utrecht. One of the most important criteria was that the houses could be delivered quickly. With the selection, the quality of the houses and their management was also taken into account.
The collaboration between Camelot and Jan Snel met these requirements. They can deliver quickly and they will also deliver quality in the form of, among other things, an overall ‘confidence-inspiring management organisation’, the promotion of social cohesion and a good complaints procedure with fast response time.

Affordable student housing at Utrecht Science Park
The complex is erected at the Uithof, the so-called Utrecht Science Park, to the east of the southern end of the Bolognalaan and to the south of the Androclus building. The land is made available by Utrecht University on the basis of a leasehold agreement.
The houses in the complex are independent, with their own facilities, and will be delivered fully decorated and furnished. The rent qualifies for rent control. For a quarter of the residences, the rent is below the rent subsidy limit for 23-year-olds. This way, living in Utrecht remains affordable for students.

Collaboration between trusted partners
This is not the first collaboration between Camelot and Jan Snel. Among other things, they have already collaborated on the development of the WASA Student Village at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Jan Snel is responsible for the construction, execution and maintenance. Camelot will focus on the rental, management, community concept and design. This allows parties to complement each other perfectly, and to realise attractive and comfortable accommodations