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Jan Snel’s core business is supplying temporary housing units. Emergency housing or living units where people can live whenever permanent housing is unavailable. Recently, we added the supply of permanent homes to our portfolio of housing solutions.

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As a specialist in temporary housing solutions, we have been providing our customers with temporary and semi-permanent accommodation for more than 50 years. The reasons for using our solutions vary. Our approach and different way of thinking led to Jan Snel being asked more and more whether we would also be interested in building permanent homes too. This led to the establishment of the Snel Home.


There is still great demand for semi-permanent homes though. Where there has been a fire or flooding, entire families often find themselves homeless. They could potentially stay with friends or family, but in the long term this is not a viable solution. It can often take months before insurance companies settle claims and cleaning or reconstruction work can commence. Jan Snel’s emergency housing units provide a fast and flexible solution. We can erect complete homes or even apartment blocks in a very short space of time. Our standard solutions can be stacked or interlinked allowing versatile building assembly.

Alternative Accommodation during Renovations

Housing corporations often work with Jan Snel in order to provide their tenants with alternative accommodation during renovation, refurbishment or reconstruction work. This is a particularly good solution when alternative housing is either impossible or economically unviable, e.g. in the event of complete demolition or asbestos removal work. Years of housing unit experience mean that we can supply temporary accommodation quickly and efficiently.

All the comfort of a permanent home

Our residents are generally extremely happy with the temporary housing that we provide. Emergency housing units meet the highest standards of quality and comfort. They are climate-controlled and insulated. Temporary housing during renovation projects is often already an improvement on the existing homes.

Permanent housing, the Snel Home

The development of the Snel Home arose from market demand. Jan Snel was being approached by customers more and more frequently to supply homes under the same conditions as our other projects. Fast completion and first-rate quality for an affordable price, flexible in all aspects while giving our customers complete peace of mind. The result is a high quality home. We construct these homes in our factory where weather conditions can have no impact on the building process. The Snel Home is a ‘zero on the meter’ home as standard and 94% recyclable. It goes without saying that we can build the Snel Home really quickly. From signing the contract to the home being occupied takes just 20 weeks. We have developed a separate website to showcase this housing solution. You can read all about the Snel Home here at www.snelwoning.nl.

Student Housing

Another reason for using temporary accommodation is as a stopgap for housing problems. We’ve completed numerous student housing projects comprising compact, but fully equipped housing units where students can live close by their university or other educational institution. Ravel, Europe’s largest modular building provides accommodation to 800 students and has 28,000 m2 of floor space spread over five storeys. We completed this project in under a year. As well as 800 student flats, the building also houses a restaurant, learning area, dining room, library and laundrette. This student complex will remain standing for at least 12 years. We designed the student units, equipped with all amenities, specifically for this project. In addition to the standard facilities, the students can also enjoy a basketball court, urban farming and indoor bicycle parking.

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Our housing solutions in figures


We can put up an emergency home anywhere in the Netherlands within 24 hours. Just one phone call is all it takes.


From signing the contract to a residential district that can be lived in; we can arrange for it to be done in 20 weeks if need be.


We built 99 homes in Groningen for NAM and by doing so we unburdened the customer on all fronts.


Our smallest housing solution is a home measuring 22m2 including bathroom, shower, toilet and kitchen.

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