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Various types of buildings are required at larger international events, e.g. offices for competition organisers, changing rooms, reception areas, canteens, restaurants and, of course, sanitary facilities. Jan Snel is a major supplier of temporary accommodation to several of the largest events held in the Netherlands.

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Permanent appearance

As a specialist in temporary accommodation, Jan Snel can supply any type of building conceivable, e.g. basic housing units, temporary office space, hotel rooms, complete hospitals, heavy-duty offshore site huts or schools.


We’re also receiving enquiries on an increasingly frequent basis for unique, bespoke solutions for special occasions such as major events. We can find a solution to virtually every request thanks to our years of extensive experience in this field. On special projects, a grey area often exists between temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. Whatever its designation, you usually cannot tell that the building is merely a temporary solution. Its design is too unusual or unique. The buildings no longer make you think of basic portacabin-style units and that is exactly what our customers intended.

The pressure of major events

Year in, year out, Jan Snel’s professional teams prove that they can withstand the pressure of a major event. Often, we only get a few days to set up several hundred square metres of accommodation including all gas, water and electricity, as well as cabling for computers and telephones. Entire restaurants with commercial kitchens. Other examples include restaurants with commercial kitchens, reception areas, press conference/meeting rooms and changing rooms with shower facilities and toilets for the top golfers, riders, and tennis and volleyball players in the world. It has to be of the highest standard imaginable!

Excellent support from our own technical service

As the ‘landlord’ of temporary accommodation, we’re naturally vigilant about providing ongoing service. Our work isn’t over once we’ve placed the accommodation units. During events that generally last one to a few weeks, we remain on call 24/7 for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. In close partnership with the event’s organisers, we ensure that temporary accommodation remains in perfect working order throughout the entire event.

From Cabins to Pavilions

We regularly construct spacious and representative office space on behalf of banks that are refurbishing their branch offices. These office spaces include a reception desk and counters and all cabling to the respective workspaces. They even contain a secure area for cash machines. We’ve also supplied several trendy beach pavilions that can be dismantled and put into winter storage at the end of each season. The sky is the limit. We can build whatever it is you need. We’ll gladly draft designs with your or our own architect to arrive at a suitable solution for your intended purpose. You’ll get exactly the temporary accommodation solution that you envisaged, be it for a single season or a decade.

  • Plug and play

    We are able to hand over our buildings already connected to fast and secure internet.
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  • One stop shop

    At Jan Snel, we love short lines of communication. We organise ‘everything’ to do with the construction and you have just one point of contact.
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  • Hassle-Free Guarantee

    Building with Jan Snel is building without worry. A standard part of all our projects is our unique Hassle-Free Guarantee
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The facts

Our sporting occasions and events solutions in figures


We have supplied temporary buildings and accommodation for more than 11 sports events.


In the case of events, our team is on 24-hour stand-by to support our customers, should the need arise.


We set up 600 m2 of temporary buildings for the HP Beach Open and Dutch Beach Volleyball Championships.


On one occasion we sent units across the Atlantic for the Alpine World Cup ski event in Whistler, Canada.

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