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There are many reasons why schools might opt for temporary accommodation. Sometimes, it will be to provide a temporary solution, e.g. while dealing with fire damage or renovation work. Sometimes, existing buildings may have been declared unfit, for instance because of asbestos or a poor state of repair. This might include temporary classrooms or a whole school building. Jan Snel can respond flexibly and rapidly with ultramodern facilities.

Solutions for education

From emergency classrooms
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Our expertise in flexible accommodation solutions means we can provide total semi-permanent or permanent accommodation solutions for the education sector. We can therefore cater for all the special requirements a school may have, including assembly halls, special-purpose physics, chemistry and ICT classrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, canteens and childcare facilities.

Until a few years ago, we mainly concentrated on building emergency classrooms and temporary solutions for education. In theory all of our buildings are theoretically intended as temporary solutions, although they occasionally remain in use for over ten years. They provide just as much comfort as a permanent building. Jan Snel’s temporary classrooms are child-friendly, durable, energy-efficient and climate-controlled. It goes without saying that units comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and standards. This is why we use our modular construction method to build permanent solutions more and more often.

Quickly back to work again

As you can see from our portfolio, we managed to build an entire new school building exactly to exact specification in just a few months. In general, this type of work would be carried out during a school holiday, but in an emergency, e.g. fire, flood, etc., we also supply standard teaching accommodation which can be ready for use in just a few days.

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The facts

Our solutions for education in figures


We can put up an emergency classroom anywhere in the Netherlands within 24 hours. Just one phone call is all it takes.


The UvA asked us to build a new 240-seat lecture theatre with reception area, which we completed in just 8 weeks.


In 2.5 months we completed a school building for 425 children. This ‘temporary’ building will remain standing for at least 11 years.


In 324 calendar days we built Europe’s largest modular building for 800 students.

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