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Whether you’re looking for a few office units or an entire office building with courtyard, hall and lift, we can supply flexible solutions for either temporary, semi-permanent or permanent commercial premises. These buildings can be constructed extremely quickly are indistinguishable from regular offices.

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ost people associate temporary office space with uncomfortable, draughty portacabins. Our modern temporary accommodation solutions for businesses are virtually indistinguishable from permanent office space.


Of course, we can still put basic standard units in place within a few days in the event of an emergency, and even these basic units are climate-controlled and fitted with all the latest mod cons. Despite the flexibility of temporary buildings that can be dismantled after use, they have all the facilities you would expect to find in a modern office.

Semi-Permanent and Permanent

As well as our basic office units, we also supply complete office buildings with ultrachic fittings and furnishings, if required. In recent years, companies have come to us on a regular basis with enquiries about creating temporary accommodation while new premises are built due to unexpected sudden growth. We responded with aesthetically appealing offices, chic meeting rooms, spacious hallways with lifts, stone facades, large glass walls and a fully customised look and feel. It goes without saying that they were also fitted with state-of-the-art ICT cabling and climate control. Nobody would complain about working in such surroundings for a few years.

Meanwhile, our flexible commercial solutions have become so durable that some customers even opted to stick with the temporary solution instead of switching to their intended permanent premises. They opted for this type of construction due to the flexibility and expansion/dismantling options that modular buildings provide. The premises we supplied then last for several decades in one form or another. What’s more, flexible construction can also be an attractive proposition from a financial point of view as it is far more affordable, especially when viewed in terms of the low lifecycle costs modular buildings offer. When it comes to the construction of temporary or semi-permanent offices, the possibilities are virtually endless. View our projects below.

  • Plug and play

    We are able to hand over our buildings already connected to fast and secure internet.
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  • Interior design

    We can hand over any building fully furnished so you can get down to work right away.
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  • Hassle-Free Guarantee

    Building with Jan Snel is building without worry. A standard part of all our projects is our unique Hassle-Free Guarantee.
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We can put up an office unit anywhere in the Netherlands within 24 hours. Just one phone call is all it takes.


Europe’s largest modular building measures 28,000 m2 and we were the ones who erected it in Amsterdam.


We’re a leading international family company with over fifty-five years of experience in flexible accommodation.


Over the past few years we have built flexible solutions for business in more than seven countries.

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