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Flexible, customised and high-quality leisure facilities

In both the sports world and the events sector, there is a great demand for flexible facilities such as dressing rooms, reception areas, sanitary facilities and training complexes. Jan Snel is your specialist for flexible customised accommodation, whether temporary or permanent.

From sports halls to VIP lounges

Sports halls
Training complexes
VIP lounges
Changing rooms (also corona-proof!)
Reception rooms

Smarter, swifter and more sustainable event facilities

At Jan Snel, our years of experience in modular construction allow us to offer the perfect solution for every kind of leisure facility. In the area of sports and events, we guarantee the highest quality and fastest delivery. Modular construction allows us to translate your ideas into a lovely end result in a snap.

Building in modules offers a huge advantage in sports and events, namely the high degree of flexibility. Modular construction allows companies to add capacity as needed, then scale down when that need has passed. Modular construction also gives us full control over the building process. That means we can always deliver the highest quality and offer our clients clear guarantees in the planning process. Jan Snel can reduce build time by 30 to 50 per cent compared to traditional construction. That’s especially important with the big ideas and tight turnarounds in the events sector.

More about the advantages of modular construction

Modular construction is a technique in which a large portion of the structure is manufactured in a factory. On the construction site, these modules are assembled into a complete building, along with the plumbing, electrical lines and everything that’s needed to finalise the building.

More about the modular construction process

Circular construction means that all products, materials and resources can be reused, preserving their value as much as possible. This is called a closed cycle. We don’t just look at their use and reuse, however, but also their origin. We examine the environmental impact of every product, from the cradle to the grave. At Jan Snel, we’re working towards fully circular construction within the next few years. And we’re right on track – our modular construction method enables us to halve CO2 emissions on every project!

More about circular construction

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