Jan Snel Residential becomes Daiwa House Modular Europe

Sustainable building for future-proof living

Jan Snel has smarter, quicker and cleaner solutions for the growing housing shortage. From now on, we are doing that as Daiwa House Modular Europe; a European organisation with Dutch and Japanese roots. We bring decades of experience and expertise together in sustainable, high-quality housing solutions. Naturally still with modular construction and even greater consideration for the future residents and the environment.

Single-family homes

Jan Snel developed permanent modular houses in response to the market. We were increasingly receiving requests to deliver single-family homes the same way as our other projects: quickly, offering high quality at an affordable price, flexible on all fronts and giving our clients total peace of mind. We developed high-quality single-family homes that are earthquake-proof. Because we build the homes in our factory, the construction process is unaffected by weather conditions.


Jan Snel makes single-family homes that last – and can reenter the circular market!

We offer many options:

  • Temporary homes
  • Emergency homes
  • Zero-carbon homes
  • Earthquake-proof homes
  • Permanent homes
  • Stacked construction

What else can you do with stacked modular construction?

Student housing


Housing for migrant workers

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