Central sterile services departments

Thanks to our extensive experience in the medical sector, Jan Snel and Medexs are specialists in the construction of central sterile services deparments (CSSDs). With high implementation speed, specialised market knowledge, efficiency and quality, we offer perfectly suited construction.


Quickly realised and completely up-to-date

Are you planning a conversion of your CSSD or theatre sterile supply unit (TSSU)? Jan Snel and Medexs offer high-quality units for permanent or temporary use. One solution, for example, is a permanent 450 m2 unit, including zoning, technical installations, thermal disinfectors and autoclaves. Another unique solution is the temporary unit we developed in cooperation with Miele. This completely mobile central sterilisation unit can be used for a variety of rental periods.

Jan Snel and Medexs collaborate with respected industry leaders to meet all safety regulations and CSSD/TSSU technological standards. Jan Snel and Medexs can quickly deliver high-quality CSSDs, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. By using a modular construction method, Jan Snel can deliver 30% to 50% faster than traditional construction, offering efficiency for your project.

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