Building health centres

Thanks to our extensive experience in the medical industry, Jan Snel and Medexs are specialists in building health centres. With rapid completion speeds, market-specific know-how, efficiency and quality, we can offer solutions for any capacity need.


From GP practices to urgent treatment centres to dental surgeries

Building health centres, outpatient clinics or nursing homes involves specific know-how. For example, constructing an MRI room requires specific expertise.

Because of our long experience in the medical sector, we know how to map out each space from design to implementation, such as offering an MRI room equipped with a Faraday cage. Together, Jan Snel and Medexs can quickly add temporary capacity or create a permanent addition by setting up a first-class health centre space.

By building modularly, Jan Snel can deliver 30 to 50 per cent faster than traditional construction, meaning your project will proceed efficiently. Additionally, modular construction means that the materials can go back into the construction market after use. This provides a great deal of flexibility.

Are you looking for different solutions for healthcare-related properties?

Operating theatres
Central sterile services departments

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