From care homes to operating theatres

Over more than 60 years, Jan Snel has developed into a market leader in the field of modular construction. Modular construction offers many advantages for healthcare-related properties. From a laboratory to an operating theatre or an entire hospital complex, everything is possible.

Smarter, swifter and more sustainable construction for healthcare

Jan Snel partners with sterile interior specialist Medexs to deliver modular quarters for the medical sector. Our efficient construction method offers advantages in turnaround time, quality and sustainability. Our medical buildings conform to the sector’s standards and building codes.

Jan Snel has been a rock-solid partner in delvering healthcare solutions for many years. Our collaboration with Medexs was born when we saw a growing need for a total solution in the construction of specialist medical facilities. Medexs is a medical interior builder specialised in designing and furnishing sterile medical environments like operation theatres, intensive care units, theatre sterile supply units and laboratories. With this breadth of knowledge, Jan Snel can offer unique permanent or temporary solutions to scale up the capacity of a medical centre, restructure or construct a completely new building.

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Modular construction is a technique in which a large portion of the structure is manufactured in a factory. On the construction site, these modules are assembled into a complete building, along with the plumbing, electrical lines and everything that’s needed to finalise the building.

This manner of construction offers great advantages for the medical sector, in which medical rooms and the associated technology depreciate to the point of replacement or renovation in a relatively short time. Modular construction means that a medical building can easily be restructured or scaled up in capacity. The unceasing vital work being done in the medical sector makes flexibility is an absolute must. Modular construction means that work can continue during a renovation, extension or new construction. For example, Jan Snel can put a replacement department on-site or even attached to the hospital. This keeps inconvenience to a minimum, offering plenty of advantages to the staff without disrupting the construction process. Additionally, modular construction increases quality whilst reducing the time needed by 30-50% when compared to traditional construction.

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Circular construction means that all products, materials and resources can be reused, preserving their value as much as possible. This is called a closed cycle. We don’t just look at their use and reuse, however, but also their origin. We examine the environmental impact of every product, from the cradle to the grave. At Jan Snel, we’re working towards fully circular construction within the next few years. And we’re right on track – our modular construction method enables us to halve CO2 emissions on every project!

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