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Education solutions

There are many reasons why a school or educational institution needs temporary capacity. Sometimes, a fire or major renovation creates the need for emergency classrooms. Sometimes, an existing building does not meet health standards because of asbestos or age. Whether you need emergency capacity or a completely new school building, Jan Snel can come to the rescue with state-of-the-art facilities.

Educational premises: from emergency to permanent

Higher education
Primary and secondary schools
Childcare centres and nurseries
Temporary schools
Emergency buildings
Earthquake-resistant schools

Smarter, swifter and more sustainable construction for education

As a specialist in modular construction, Jan Snel understands like no other that construction for education relies on customisation. Safety and construction speed are paramount, but appearance and specific requirements play an important role in creating a complete solution.

For over sixty years, Jan Snel has been a rock-solid partner in delivering modular building solutions of the highest quality. Our education-sector specialists can ensure that all requirements are met at the swiftest speed. Our team can answer all of your wishes with: specialised classrooms for physics, chemistry or IT; gymnasiums; auditoriums; skylights; and the colours and materials for the perfect look.

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Modular construction is a technique in which a large portion of the structure is manufactured in a factory. On the construction site, these modules are assembled into a complete building, along with the plumbing, electrical lines and everything that’s needed to finalise the building.

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Building in modules offers a huge advantage for the educational sector, namely the high degree of flexibility. Modular construction allows an educational institution to scale up when there is a need for more room and scale down when that need has passed. Modular construction also gives us full control over the building process. That means we can always deliver the highest quality and offer our clients clear guarantees in the planning process. Jan Snel can reduce build time by 30 to 50 per cent compared to traditional construction, ensuring that you can be giving lessons as soon as possible.

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Circular construction means that all products, materials and resources can be reused, preserving their value as much as possible. This is called a closed cycle. We don’t just look at their use and reuse, however, but also their origin. We examine the environmental impact of every product, from the cradle to the grave. At Jan Snel, we’re working towards fully circular construction within the next few years. And we’re right on track – our modular construction method enables us to halve CO2 emissions on every project!

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