Construction & industrial

Blast-resistant modules

The safety of employees and their surroundings is always paramount in construction and the petrochemical industry. Any related buildings need to be perfectly regulated and always checked twice. Jan Snel offers quality blast-resistant modules, which are also known as explosion-proof units.

Protect against explosions

Safety is critical

Jan Snel’s Blast-Resistant Modules (BRMs) are now the norm on chemical or petrochemical production sites in Europe.

These explosion-proof units protect against explosions and are available in different forms and sizes. For example, some units have sanitary and shower facilities with the same safety characteristics. Jan Snel provides temporary and blast-proof living and working spaces. We also offer Blast-Resistant Shelters, explosion-proof tents that are fastened as an alternative to a steel unit. The steel modules must be placed with a crane and sometimes there is not enough space for this. The Blast Resistant Shelters can be placed quickly, without a crane, and can easily accommodate up to 1,200 people.

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