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Whether it’s a management office or a construction container, Jan Snel supplies customised on-site solutions. With our experience in temporary accommodations and semi-permanent buildings, we can deliver the right modules for your project.

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Building industrial & construction solutions in a smarter, swifter and more sustainable way

Jan Snel offers customised facilities for construction and the industrial sector. Our efficient way of building provides great advantages in quality, speed and safety.

Working in construction involves risk. That is the reality. Consciously dealing with the risks on a construction site requires a structural approach. We take care of safety and working conditions around all activities on the projects and work sites. Of course, we also ensure adequate compliance with all regulations and safety, labor and environmental requirements as inventoried in the HSE plan of each project.


We can deliver turnkey solutions. This means that our customers are completely free of worries. In close cooperation with your or our architect, we work out the project plans, apply for the environmental permit and deliver the project. If desired, the accommodation can even be delivered fully furnished and upholstered. And, of course, should there be some emergency, Jan Snel Service will be glad to come and solve it for you.

We ensure that all of our solutions meet their legal requirements. Our modules are produced under our control at one of our production sites. When a module returns from a rental project, it is inspected, renovated and rebuilt to a quality module. This way, every building manufactured by Jan Snel meets the highest quality standards.

At Jan Snel, the modules are produced in the factory. If required, this work already starts during the permit process. This means that projects can be delivered up to 50% faster than traditional building methods. For instance, we’ve placed ready-made industrial housing within a single day.

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