Core Values of
Jan Snel

House building of all sizes

Our team of professionals is proactively engaged to ensure that housing solutions can be realised every day. Your requirements are of course paramount here. One thing is sure, we know how to get a job done and are committed more than 100%. Only when you are satisfied, we are as well. In short, we offer a solution for every planning and every budget. From functional to luxurious. Modular housing with high-quality standards. And to be implemented very efficiently and flexible and completed in half the time. Jan Snel; Housing of all sizes

Flexible speed

Our construction method is unique. We offer high-quality housing solutions through modular construction methods, no traditional building methods. This has been in our blood for more than 55 years, so we do speak your language and understand your challenges. Together, we will work to create added value and tangible results. We not only complete construction projects 30% to 50% faster, but we also create much efficiency for you. We offer you many possibilities by building in such a flexible way. From simple, small-scale temporary housing up to tailor-made permanent construction projects in every market sector.

Client Focused Reliability

We have experienced huge growth as a family business: from local player to global partner. We have become a household name with an excellent reputation in both the transport and the construction sector. Our clients' ambition is always our priority. We keep communication lines short, believe in a personal, sincere contact. A sustainable relationship, in which we work together to achieve sustainable results. We set high standards for our products, services and employees because we want our products and services to be delivered without problems, at low costs, within minimum time and with the greatest ease.

Core Values

Realising Added Value

We believe in a clean world without waste. A world which not only reuses raw materials but is also completely circular. That is what we call Zero Waste. And that is not just an empty slogan, but a promise for the future. We like to take on the challenge to create value for you in every step of the process. By continuing to reuse raw materials and products, we retain the value and create added value for your project and for the world around us.

Complete Peace of Mind

We not only construct, but we do more, much more. We believe in total solutions. From construction to complete transport. From sanitary facilities to lighting. From flooring to interiors. From cable management to climate control and from project management to in-housing. Whatever your requirements, we deliver; quality and fast. The possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, we can build it. We never stand still, we always look ahead. How can we continue to serve you in the future?

Core Values

Wendy van Duijnhoven - Marketing & Communication Manager

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