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Towards a world without waste

Jan Snel Group is a family business with roots in Montfoort that’s become an international market leader. In just 60 years, we have grown from a local player to a global partner in the field of modular construction and specialised transportation. With three branches in the Netherlands and locations in Belgium, the UK, Germany and Qatar, Jan Snel is an established name with a good reputation within the transportation and construction sectors, distinguished by our speed and focus on circularity. We value personal communication, with no middleman and the open communication that’s a central pillar of our organisation. Our international ambitions have led to our solutions being deployed worldwide.

Our people

The CEO of Jan Snel Group is Harry van Zandwijk. His working method is characterised by personal involvement and a proactive mentality. Management is supported by a Supervisory Board. Under the leadership of Niels Vergeer (COO), Michael Koerts (CPO) and Richard Brinkman (CFO), the company realises modular solutions across market sectors. The C-Suite and employees are motivated every day by their drive to solve housing issues around the world.

In addition to our wealth of construction experience, Jan Snel also has its own transport branch. About a quarter of its work is in concert with their colleagues in construction. This transport branch means that our flexible construction systems can be transported quickly from A to B, taking that burden entirely off our customers’ shoulders. In addition, the transportation division focuses on specialised transport, particularly of recycled materials. With a fleet of 43 units, we are one of the largest players in this field.

Richard Brinkman – CFO

Harry van Zandwijk – CEO

Niels Vergeer – COO

Michael Koerts – CPO

Our focus is on realising (semi) permanent housing, but our modular concept means that the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s student housing, construction site accommodation, healthcare capacity or school buildings, we have a solution for everyone. We build everything from simple, small-scale temporary housing to large, tailor-made construction projects. Our many years of experience have put us at the forefront, especially in our approach, quality and speed of construction. As a result, we deliver construction projects 30 to 50 per cent faster than traditional construction. With our get-it-done mentality, we always assure our clients of the best solution.

Engagement is paramount on all of our projects. We are very conscious of the social role we fulfil by realising high-quality housing quickly and flexibly. For a start, we hope to contribute to housing for asylum-seekers, migrants and social tenants, offering a solution to the acute housing shortage. Due to this societal role, we pay attention to everyone involved in the realisation of our solutions, from clients to end users to local residents. The influence of our work on society, clients and contractors plays an important role in how we navigate.

Looking out for everyone doesn’t just mean paying attention to people but also to the environment. Flexible construction means creating, adapting and giving back space in one fluid cycle. Circularity is in our DNA, so we always provide reusable solutions. This year, it became extremely clear how dependent we are on nitrogen and waste regulations. That heightened our ambition to make our production fully circular within a few years. In pursuit of this aim, we provide insight into the environmental impact of all our products, from the cradle to the grave. CSR is therefore an integral part of our business strategy. By continuing to innovate, we hope to be at the forefront of the circular economy of the future.

The world of construction is constantly changing. Amongst everything else, we were confronted in 2020 with the nitrogen problem and the heated housing market. Flexible construction, however, means that we are ready to respond to developments as they arise. We are constantly finding innovative solutions and ensuring that our solutions can be used in the future. For example, all our of units can be reused. A temporary school building can, for example, serve as a student residence later. It is important not only to think about our impact today but also what it will mean tomorrow.

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