Jan Snel

Mission, vision & strategy

Construction is constantly changing; materials, techniques and standards are always evolving. With our industrialised and modular method, precision is standard and Jan Snel puts the future of construction into practice today. Our projects may look like modern classics but their cutting-edge construction gives them advantages ahead of their time.


Our mission

Our mission is to meet our clients’ needs in a way that has a positive impact. We achieve this by providing flexible modular construction solutions and offering peace of mind throughout the process. This is how we create added value for our clients at every step.

Our vision

The construction sector is constantly evolving: new materials, ambitious clients, innovation and changing laws and regulations offer new insights and opportunities. Every single day, we find ways to grasp these opportunities. Whatever your building need, we offer a customised solution. From simple, small-scale temporary housing to tailor-made permanent construction projects, we work in every market sector.

Our strategy

Based on our many years of expertise, we realise flexible construction that seamlessly links the client’s identity and the user’s requirements. In addition to our people’s craftsmanship, our tools for achieving the best solutions include the strength of our network, the quality of our construction systems and the clarity of our communication with clients. Flexible construction means creating space in one smooth movement, adapting and giving back. We want to distinguish ourselves through operational excellence and realise added value for the client at each step in the process.

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