Jan Snel

The history of Jan Snel

Jan Snel stands for smarter, swifter and more sustainable construction. Sixty years ago, Jan Snel saw the opportunity to expand its activities from transporting milk churns to transporting containers and, eventually, to producing its own modules. As opportunities in the market were grasped with both hands, Jan Snel’s building methods developed at lightning speed and the company grew to what it is today: the Benelux market leader in modular construction.


Our company history

Jan Snel is characterised by speed and a get-the-job-done mentality. If an opportunity arises, we seize it immediately. That’s how our company expanded from delivering milk churns to manufacturing containers. We continued to develop in this direction and, ultimately, became a fully-fledged modular construction company. The client’s ambition is paramount and what everyone at Jan Snel aims to fulfil.

Flexible construction

Our experience is reflected in how we think and act, but it’s especially clear in our approach, quality and speed of construction. It’s only when you have worked with our level of discipline for more than 20,000 days that you have the know-how, the people and the flexibility to develop surprising solutions with an amazing turnaround time.

Flexible construction means creating space in one smooth movement, adapting and giving back. That’s how we’ve placed sustainability is at the core of what we do. We work on projects with turnaround times or conditions that others deem impossible. Are you dealing with that kind of challenge? Would you like to create an impressive building?

Jan Snel: expert in modular construction

Thanks to our many years of experience, Jan Snel collaborates with clients to provide unique and sustainable housing solutions at lightning speed. Our 60 years of work shows in our approach, quality and construction time. By combining your wishes with our people, resources and flexibility, we arrive at stunning solutions in an incredibly short lead time. At Jan Snel, we continuously optimise our processes to add value for our customers at every step. Challenge us and you will be amazed!

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