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Moving towards a world without waste

At Jan Snel, we take our social responsibility so seriously that we’ve integrated it into our business model. Our most important job is to create the needed accommodations whilst proactively improving our effect on people and the environment.

Corporate social responsibility

Jan Snel’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy rests on three important pillars: Jan Snel & Safety, Jan Snel & Sustainability and Jan Snel & People.

Quick construction is important, but only to the extent it can be done safely. The safety of the construction site is paramount for Jan Snel. Our structures are built to minimise construction-site risks.

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Jan Snel is fully committed to reusing products and materials. Through this circular and sustainable vision, we create added value on every project not only for our customers but also for the world around us. We limit the impact on the environment as much as possible by planning for the future during the construction process. That is why we have drawn up a sustainability plan with four concrete steps to reduce our ecological footprint by 2023.

By not just being aware of the sustainable possibilities in construction but actually applying them, we hope to play an important role in making the sector more sustainable. We want the next generations to enjoy all the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

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The industry is facing a shortage of skilled people; finding new employees and retaining current ones is a challenge for every company in the sector. Jan Snel’s policies are designed to make the workplace as pleasant as possible. We’re not just constructing the best buildings but also the best place to work.

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