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About Jan Snel

Construction is constantly changing; materials, techniques and standards are always evolving. With 60 years of experience in the field, Jan Snel is a rock-solid partner for delivering high-quality buildings. With our industrialised and modular method, precision is standard. Time and time again, Jan Snel builds smarter, swifter and more sustainably than traditional construction.

Jan Snel

Jan Snel works smarter, swifter and more sustainably than traditional construction

Founded in 1960 in the Netherlands as a transport company, Jan Snel quickly recognised the pioneering potential of modular construction and expanded production accordingly. We’ve since grown into the market leader and are active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Jan Snel specialises in construction for residential housing, healthcare, offices, education and industry. We offer solutions for both purchase and rental.

Jan Snel doesn’t just build. We can handle the entire project management, from permit applications to transport, from sanitary facilities to lighting and from climate control to furnishing. If desired, Jan Snel can deliver a turnkey solution. Whatever your wish, we make it happen with speed and quality. The possibilities are endless.

Building smarter

At Jan Snel, we build with a standardised modular construction process under precisely controlled conditions. We produce all of the building elements at our own production locations, then transport them to the construction site for final assembly. We have full control over all of our supply lines and the entire production process. That means we can plan in millimetres instead of centimetres, months instead of years and solutions instead of problems.

The result?

Every housing or building need is met with a high-quality solution!

Building swifter

At Jan Snel, we’ve moved the process of producing a building from construction sites to our factories. This has a couple of key time-saving features. Labour productivity is considerably higher because so many actions are standardised. Automation and robotisation further increase productivity. Due to a shorter design phase, we can start construction earlier and keep on-site completion to a minimum. Additionally, our process is largely unaffected by external factors such as the weather or the availability of labour.

The result?

Jan Snel reduces the time needed by 30-50% compared to a traditional construction process.

Building more sustainably

At Jan Snel, we’re fully committed to reusing materials and our construction process includes planning for the future. That means our ecological footprint is considerably lower than that of traditional construction and our industrialised modular construction emits 50 per cent less CO2. If a building no longer meets the owner’s needs, we can give the elements a second life in a different arrangement or at a new location. No less than 80 per cent of the components in our modular construction are reused.

The result?

Our approach doesn’t just result in quality but also in significant sustainability.

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