Jan Snel: smarter, swifter and more sustainable construction

Jan Snel

Jan Snel stands for fast, modular and circular construction

Jan Snel buildings are constructed in the factory, placed on location and disassembled for reuse when they are no longer needed. Jan Snel has set a goal to take this sustainability even further. We want to not only reuse the units but make our entire process completely circular.

You can’t see all of the advantages just by looking at the building. Our modern production approach creates time savings of 30 to 50 per cent and cuts per-project CO2 emissions in half. We build smarter, swifter and more sustainably to always deliver the perfect solution.

Smarter, swifter and more sustainable construction

Construction is constantly changing: materials, techniques and housing regulations are always evolving. With 60 years of experience in the business, Jan Snel is a rock-solid partner for high-quality housing solutions. Thanks to our industrialised modular method, precision is standard and we build smarter, swifter and more sustainable than traditional construction every time.


From temporary to permanent in every sector

From a new office building to a school renovation to event facilities to a hotel and whether you want a permanent building or temporary capacity, we can meet every need properly and quickly. Because of our innovative construction method, we offer undreamt-of solutions for every sector.

Working at Jan Snel

At Jan Snel, we combine hard work with a lot of fun. We always go that extra mile, but our ping-pong games and Friday afternoon drinks are not to be missed.

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